Together we can make an extraordinary difference.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Broadmoor Baptist Church financially. Everyone should have a plan for how to support their local church financially.


Giving FAQ

Why Give Online?

Maybe you prefer to leave your checkbook at home on Sunday morning. Maybe you missed a Sunday Worship Service due to illness or vacation. We want to provide an opportunity for you to give that is simple, fast, and convenient. Our online system is also compatible with all mobile devices.

Is It Safe?

We are very serious about keeping your giving information confidential and secure. Only Business Office personnel have access to your giving records, and we use a company that meets industry standards for security and privacy to process online payments. Once you click the link to contribute, you should be directed to our secure giving form.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

You can contribute online using debit cards or e-checks. We encourage the use of e-checks due to the transaction fees that the church incurs. While there is a nominal fee for e-checks ($0.50 per transaction), the church will incur a fee that is approximately 3% of your contribution for debit card transactions.

We do not accept contributions via credit card because we want to encourage you to be a good steward of the Lord’s resources. We do not want you to incur debt in order to give to the church.

Do I Have to Register/Create a Profile?

No, you can give online as a guest, but creating a profile will provide several benefits. Once you have registered, you won’t have to enter your information each time you wish to give. You can also set up recurring payments on a cycle of your choosing, and you can login to track your yearly contributions. Finally, you can use the same profile to register for events online.

Do I Need Offering Envelopes?

Due to new technology, we no longer use envelope numbers to track contributions*, so you do not need personal tithe envelopes in order to give. For your privacy, we provide blank envelopes in the pew backs, but if you would like to receive personal envelopes, please contact Rita Koske in the Business Office.

*Please provide your name and address on blank envelopes when making cash contributions.